What the Best Customer Journey Quotes Have in Common

What the Best Customer Journey Quotes Have in Common

by Uri Dorot Posted on Jun 05, 2020

Highlighting positive customer journey quotes can be a strong marketing tool when developing strategies to attract new customers to your business. By sharing direct testimonials from current and previous customers, you can build trust with prospective customers and help them feel confident when choosing to work with your business. When choosing quotes about the customer journey, make sure they align with your company’s messaging, brand, and strategic goals. 

Let’s discuss some examples of what the best customer journey quotes for growing a business successfully have in common. We’ll use some of our own quotes as examples. You can see below, for instance, a quote that is intended to give potential customers a concrete idea of what they can accomplish with our solutions.

“Customers ordering cards online complained they were being ejected at the end of the process when clicking on ‘Next’. It did not happen all the time, but it was a concern. With Glassbox, we found the full root cause of the issue, including communication with the server.”

  • Ofer Goldberg, Head of Digital Services at CAL

Stay Focused on the Right Angle 

It’s critical to ensure that the customer journey quotes you utilize on your website and other marketing materials accurately reflect your current business offerings. For example, let’s say your business offers a B2B technology solution that has evolved over time. The initial software solution was only applicable to desktop users, so the company recently relaunched an updated and rebranded product that includes mobile and tablet users, as well as a mobile app. As a result, it’s time to retire any quotes about the earlier version of the technology, and move forward with quotes that emphasize the features of the new product offering. 

You may want to reach out to clients who have used both products and solicit a new testimonial that includes their initial positive impression of the old offering while emphasizing how the new product was still a vast improvement that has continued to benefit their business. Ensuring your customer journey quotes are up to date helps avoid confusion and keeps the spotlight where you want it in order to support your business growth.

Here’s another example — a quote from one of our valued customers that points to a differentiating feature–our tagless deployment.

“It was a very successful implementation and we had great support from Glassbox. Because Glassbox doesn’t require tags, it needed minimal effort from BetVictor and now we generate reports and funnels without the need for specialist support or having to make changes to our website, so we can focus on our customers.”

  • Kay Fenemore, Head of Customer Service at BetVictor

The Right Quote in the Right Place

Be strategic about where you choose to place your customer journey quotes. If you have quotes related to a specific offering within the business, highlight those on the pages on your website that deal directly with that product, as well as any associated print materials. Customer journey quotes related to the overall experience of working with the company can be a great fit for your “About” page. By ensuring that each quote makes sense in the context of the page, you avoid confusing and distracting potential customers from the action you’d like them to take. The quote  below is one we might include on an “About” page, or on a page discussing solutions for the travel industry.

“With digital channels becoming an essential part of a customers’ journey and their engagement with the Air Canada brand, maintaining full visibility across the web and our mobile app is crucial to our business. Glassbox has enabled us to understand customer visits and optimize our systems both from a technical and business perspective.” 

  • Sylvain Robitaille, Principal Analyst Customer Experience at Air Canada.

Consider the Source of Each Customer Journey Quote

For the most impact, think about whose stories you’re giving prominence. Quotes about the customer journey from a long-term client who has been loyal to your company for over ten years will have much more credibility than a testimonial from a brand-new customer who has only used your product once. A client’s position within an industry can also increase the effectiveness of their testimonial. If some of your customers have extremely strong name and brand recognition, utilizing customer journey quotes from those partnerships can help strengthen your business’ reputation and brand. 

Any testimonials from Fortune 500 companies should be listed where the majority of your website visitors can see and appreciate them, because of the weight that those recommendations will carry with prospective clients. If you’re a smaller, local community-based business, consider which of your customers also have a strong standing within the local community due to the length of their presence, social impact, and relationships. We chose the below quote to highlight our strong business relationships.  

“Looking at Glassbox’s extensive list of highly satisfied and recognized customers, they are exactly the type of Partners we embrace, and we’re delighted to welcome them to our Co-Sell Program. By partnering with Glassbox, Microsoft can reinforce its presence at leading Enterprises and empower them to achieve more.”

  • Udi Even Ezra, Partners Manager for ISVs at Microsoft

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