Webinar: Do your 2020 plans include digital compliance?

Do your 2020 plans include digital compliance?

Good Compliance is Good Business. Digital Channels present both a significant challenge for Compliance, but also a massive opportunity:

  • The challenge is how to be able to effectively monitor what is happening and provide the business with the assurance that regulatory obligations are being met.
  • The opportunity is having the ability to automatically monitor 100% of sessions and have a complete record of everything that happened, with alerts that show you where the pressure points are.

Digital challenges need digital tools to solve them and enable firms to take full advantage of the potential which digital brings. To manage the sheer volume and diversity of digital journeys, firms need state-of-the-art digital tools.

This FREE webinar has been designed to explore how the right technology can provide enterprises with the capability to fulfill their regulatory duties more effectively and at a lower cost, whilst delivering personalised products and services via digital channels. As businesses start to plan budgets and resources for 2020, we will discuss what the business should build into this plan in order to deliver these solutions.

Some of the objectives include:

  • To educate about the features and benefits of record and replay technology
  • To describe some of the tools and capabilities enabled by the technology
  • To discuss how technology can automate the more time-consuming activities freeing specialist resources to concentrate on resolving issues
  • To discuss how technology can increase the effectiveness and reduce the cost of compliance
  • What should businesses plan for in terms of budgets and resources for 2020