Direct Seguros (part of AXA Global Direct) has chosen Glassbox to implement Big Data Behavioural Analytics solutions for its websites.

Direct Seguros (part of AXA Global Direct) has chosen Glassbox to implement Big Data Behavioural Analytics solutions for its websites.

The solution by Glassbox will assist in maximizing Customer satisfaction, improve the online conversion ratio and increase revenues from direct channels.

Following a successful Proof of Concept, Direct Seguros has chosen to roll out Glassbox’s EyeView software in its direct business operations – initially for Direct Seguros Spain. Glassbox’s Big Data Analytics solution, along with the other Glassbox modules, is a strategic web tracking solution which records web users’ behaviour in real time, to improve the Customers’ experience when visiting Direct Seguros’ web site, give better Customer service and increase revenues from online transactions.

LONDON; 10 March 2015 –Direct Seguros (part of AXA Global Direct) has chosen Glassbox EyeView because it is a unique big data solution that enables full understanding of exactly how Customers interact with Direct Seguros’ website whether from PC’s or mobile devices and allows DIRECT to record, replay and analyse Customers behaviour.
Glassbox EyeView will significantly reduce the cost of Contact Centre and IT support for the website and will improve the Customer experience by enabling DIRECT to replay every session a Customer or potential Customer had – exactly as the Customer saw it, whether the session was completed or not.

It will enable DIRECT to undertake qualitative analysis of how Customers are using the website and to see the issues they experience, the error messages and warnings that pop up, and where Customers abandon a process; Glassbox will enable DIRECT to look at the actual pages the Customers were accessing and to see what happened that might have caused them to abandon the process. And Glassbox’s extensive search capabilities will enable DIRECT to find other Customers who experienced a similar set of issues so that they can be contacted proactively and be helped.

The non-intrusive design of Glassbox means that it is quick and low risk to implement, upgrade and maintain. This combined with Glassbox’s unique compression technology and the fact that it requires no additional third party software gives a low total cost of ownership – which means DIRECT can retain and replay the information captured by Glassbox economically in accordance with their specific data storage/retention policies to answer historic queries and undertake retrospective analysis of past transactions.

The main business areas which will benefit from Glassbox are:

  • Sales & Marketing, who will be able to study the consumer behaviour, improve the usability and the marketing campaigns, refine web services in response to Customer behaviour or follow up  (and what they were doing immediately prior to it)
  • Legal, Risk & Compliance, who will have new tools to identify risks and associated behaviours, recreate screens as viewed by the Customer showing the data input by the Customer and all prompts, messages, etc. (including
  • Customer specific/context sensitive messages), resolve disputes and complaints and fight against fraud.
    Customer Services & Support, who will be able to co-browse and answer queries immediately rather than having to wait for scans and extracts to be run (as now) and improve overall Customer service.

In addition, Glassbox’s Clients get benefits in other domains like IT and Fraud. 
The new web recording and replay capabilities will greatly enhance DIRECTS’s ability to track Customer interactions via its web site and online transactions throughout the life cycle of a policy, from new business to servicing to claims. Commenting on the deal, Thomas Esclavard, CIO of DIRECT, said:” We chose Glassbox EyeView after conducting a detailed review of the market. We are excited about the capabilities of the product and being able to see in detail how our Customers are using our website, where they are experiencing difficulties and where they are spending their time. This knowledge will enable us to refine our processes and give our Customers an even better experience of dealing with DIRECT”.

The CEO of Glassbox, Yoav Schreiber, said: “We are delighted that DIRECT has decided to introduce EyeView and to work with Glassbox to develop the capability to really understand how DIRECT’s Customers are using their website, and to identify where there are issues or delays so that the Customers’ experience can be improved. Eyeview is an innovative new product that is starting to gain real momentum in the market and we are delighted that DIRECT has chosen us. As digital business becomes ever more important, we see Glassbox EyeView becoming a key component of the strategic architecture to manage and grow online business.”