Glassbox Launches Digital Experience Performance Analytics (DEPA)

Glassbox Launches Digital Experience Performance Analytics (DEPA)

Glassbox DEPA provides this visualisation to both digital and IT professionals, with continuous monitoring – from site level measurements to single customer views and advanced session replay capabilities, making it easier to ensure optimal online performance, enhanced customer experience and positive business impact.

Glassbox Digital

Today, more than ever, enterprises must gain insight into how users are interacting with their website. Glassbox is a software that does just that – it enables brands to record and analyse how customers and prospects are using their site in order to help optimize conversions and improve user experience.

Glassbox provides behavioural analytics (in order to see why leads aren’t converting and what can be done to change that), customer support optimization (in order to reduce call times), and compliance tools (to make sure everything is recorded and within regulation). With offices in London, New York, Tel Aviv and Sao Paulo, Glassbox works primarily with financial institutions including the likes of Visa.

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