The tailored website: how to keep your online customers coming back again and again

The tailored website: how to keep your online customers coming back again and again

If a website takes ages to load and seems confusing to navigate around, the chances are visitors will sigh heavily and go find another website; their potential purchase lost. So, if it is obvious that a poor shopping experience costs online customers, why are so many websites still rubbish? It makes sense to keep visitors to your site happy and especially to ensure they return repeatedly – Yaron Morgenstern shows how valuable it is to create a slick, user-friendly experience.

You don’t need me to tell you that customers, today, demand personalised experiences with the brands they engage with. Every day, we read about how marketers are findings ways to leverage data to deliver tailored communications with their customers. However, I would argue that developing a website that is tailored to a customer’s demands is just as important as personalising the communications you send to them.

Our attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter. Companies, therefore, need to develop user-friendly websites that hold customers’ attention and reel them in by meeting their demands. If a website is difficult to navigate or offers a poor shopping experience, a brand risks losing its customer base. This is especially true of returning customers, who have previously shown loyalty to a company. To keep customers coming back for more, marketers need to find ways to create optimised and tailored digital customer experiences across all platforms. But you cannot truly know your audience through guesswork – the key to understanding the reasons behind why customers fail to convert online is analysing a wealth of data.

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